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NYJO – “Stepping Stones”

(NYJCD020 -Released 1999)


NYJO - Stepping Stones

  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Andromeda
  3. Miss Pankhurst Protests
  4. The Man from Delmonte
  5. I Remember The X-men
  6. Different Colours
  7. Tenors Racket
  8. I Was Hoping
  9. It's Over
  10. Mr BG
  11. Back to Basie
  12. Hot and Sweaty




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RealAudio Stereo for Broadband

Tenors Racket

Tenors Racket

I Was Hoping

I Was Hoping


Tpts: Darren Wiles, Bryan Davis, Mark Armstrong, Tim Jackson, Simon Finch

Tbns: Andy Wood, Andy Baker, Barnaby Dickinson, Mike Feltham, Peter North

Saxes: Paul Jones, Sam Mayne, Martin Williams, Alyson Adams, Pete Wareham

Flute: Gareth Lockrane

Piano: Tom Cawley

Bass: Dave Foster

Drums: Darren Altman

Percussion: Corrina Silvester

Vocal: Sumudu Jayatilaka


MD: Bill Ashton MBE


Recorded Live at Ronnie Scott’s Club in March 1998