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The Cat Pack



The Cat Pack


  1. Well Alright
  2. Sway
  3. (Iíve Got You) Under My Skin
  4. Boogie Blues
  5. You Need More Room Than That To Swing a Cat
  6. Skin The Cat
  7. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
  8. Devil In High Heels
  9. Boogie Blues
  10. (Iíve Got You) Under My Skin
  11. Well Alright
  12. Boogie Blues (BBC Mix)
  13. (Iíve Got You) Under My Skin (alt. Vocal)


ďSwayĒ by Gimbel & Ruiz (arr. Collins)

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This is the Demo CD of new Leeds Big Band ďThe Cat PackĒ. While not on commercial release, we felt it worth a mention as it is the most recent recorded work of Bryan Davis.